About Us
About Us

VKUP is the world’s leading independent vape brand. ShenZhen QingXing Technology Co., Ltd. is responsible for overseas business. VKUP products are designed in-house, developed in our state-of-art R&D centers.

VKUP is a young, bold, dynamic vape brand that prioritizes consistent quality in our products, partnerships, and ourselves. Our mission is to deliver innovative, high-quality, and satisfying to bacco replacement solutions to adult smokers worldwide, there by empowering them to change their lives for the better.

The company's electronic cigarette production base has outstanding production strength and scientific quality management system, GMP production license certification, and 100,000 level dust-free workshop.

The production area of e-cigarette production workshop has reached 5,000 square meters, and the expansion area of Phase II will reach 20,000 square meters.

There are 80+ automatic and semi-automatic equipment in total, and the key parts of welding, oiling, testing and packaging are automatically processed.

VKUP always listens to customers and engage with themto provide exceptional products that are unique, and oftentimes ground breaking, which contribute stobe excellent, and always provide customers with high quality reliable products.

At present, the daily output can reach 100,000, and will increase to 500,000 in the future.

About Us